Jukola7 Structures: Car body technics to industrial B-B constructions

This is the modular structure system that is used as a sophisticated load bearing beam. Equipment and different functions are integrated inside the beam.




Machine sub assembly/ Metso Corporation



I led and managed this project from early sketches to a full-scale prototype. The new design is 45% cheaper and 70% lighter than its predecessor. The first natural frequency went up compared to the previous product and its appearance is dramatically enhanced. The subcontracting chain provides monetary benefits to Metso. I had many roles, including that of industrial designer, engineer, stress analyst, project leader, project manager and negotiator. Our project team comprised five members of our own organisation and four external staff. The production methods we used included numerical press forming, machining, precision edging, laser cutting and welding, and 3D printing and casting.

Walkway systems for a paper machine

Metso's OptiConcept M paper and board making line

Metso’s OptiConcept M paper and board making line

OptiConcept M – A modular papermaking concept. The new walkway system forms the facade of the machine. Aluminium extrusion and glass. Self-supporting structure with high rigidity and a low manufacturing cost. My role was to develop the initial concept of the walkway system and calculate the initial stress analysis. On completion of my work the Metso Industrial Design Team continued the project in Jyväskylä. We also searched for efficient production methods and defined the subcontractor chain.
Patents: FI 120655, FI 121673, FI 119603

Light Design Foil Box: Paper machine component for Metso Corporation



Master of Arts, University of Industrial Arts Helsinki, 2009
Master Thesis/Paper for Metso Corporation: ”Cost/benefit-driven design of the Foilbox”
This was the Light Design Foil Box, a paper machine component for Metso Corporation made from 8.5 meters of acid-proof steel. I acted as industrial designer, engineer, and initial stress analyst. The methods used in the production of this component included precision edging and laser cutting and welding.
Patent: FI 120365

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