Solve conflicts visually and easily 🙂

Visualize the issue and bring harmony to the world around You!

Visualization is a strong tool and especially so in a conflict situation.

What does the experts say

“The tool helps as such. People tend to get offended, so a neutral third party (Quarrell App) helps to calm down and keep the feelings to a calmer level. It guides to mellow communication. Our Quarrell App process also builds common ground from the very beginning when the parties choose issues and build a commonly accepted picture of the situation at hand.”

How does it work

  1. Log in to Quarrell App, create the Quarrell- to solve it in a loving manner 🙂
  2. Create the Issues and invite your fellow quarreler
  3. Your fellow Quarreler creates Issues and together you choose 5-7 issues to define the scope of the Quarrell
  4. Visualize the issues, write text and give physical size to the Quarrell Issues. Use emoticons to communicate emotions. Add images to Issues.
  5. Use your Own Diary to bypass negative thoughts to sidestreams
  6. Now you should strive to the balance. Adjust the Quarrell until you are in a locing balance in the middle 🙂
  7. Enjoy better life with less energy going to quarreling!

Quarrell App is most usefull

  • in small arguments – to correct misunderstandings
  • in relationships – to enjoy relationships more

Quarrell App Pro is very usefull in

  • divorces – to share property and find equilibriumin
  • child custody battles – to solve them
  • distribution of inheritance
  • reclamations
  • corporate disputes in B to B sector
  • estate and construction disputes
  • political disputes
  • our specific conflict visualizer is used in crisis management to create abstract maps of conflicts


What does it look like

Quarrell app comes with different themes and skin, which You can choose Yourself.

Skins: cartoon like, professional line, B to B strictly business, lawyer like. You can customize colour in skins.

Below is a picture of our teen cartoon skin.

Quarrell App

Quarrell App / Teen comics skins

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